For Location: Playa Tamarindo

The main public beach in Tamarindo is so central the town literally spills on to it. This beach is best if you’re looking for yoga classes and surf lessons. It’s a busy beach with something always going on to entertain you. Located near great restaurants too, it’s easy to grab food if you get peckish. Check out my Tamarindo guide for the best places to eat in town.

For peace and quiet: Playa Conchal

This beach is so quiet there was a point where we were the only people on it. The water is calm and the sand is like velvet. The main part of the beach is the first point after turning off the main road, but we drove a little further where you’ll find no crowds or vendors. Be careful of driving on the sand, our car got stuck in it at one point.

For Sunsets: Playa Avellanas

Grab a cocktail at Lola’s and perch up with tourists and locals combined to watch the sun go down over the Pacific. Hammocks hang from the palm trees around this bar with an unobstructed view of the sunset. It’s such a beautiful sight watching the surfers enjoy the last waves of the day before the light fades. You will also have earned that drink after the treacherous drive to the bar – beware of the pot holes.


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