As a well seasoned traveller and very frequent flier I was absolutely over the moon when my Aria Travel Kit arrived. I am always looking for great products to use whilst on board to keep me feeling comfortable and refreshed – not an easy feat may I add.


Erin, 31 year old Canadian entrepreneur, had a lightbulb moment on a flight back from Florence last summer when she questioned why there was nothing on the market for travellers wanting to use good quality products and all in one chic kit. Once the cogs were set in motion, everything else seemed to fall in to place. The name Aria means “air” in Italian, which felt fitting travelling from Italy and also being half Italian herself.



This savvy girl has literally thought of everything. The kit includes hand/body moisturiser, alcohol free face wipes, silk eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, biodegradable toothbrush, ear plugs, cosy microfibre socks, a pen, handmade lip balm, toothpaste and deodorant all fitted perfectly into the chic Aria case.



I sit here writing this review STILL wearing the fluffy, cosy socks from the kit. They are super soft and super warm. They are also really breathable. Is it just me that feels like the airplane cabin is 100 degrees yet my feet are always freezing? I like to be cosy and these socks are literally the perfect fit.



Another favourite of mine is the 100% mulberry silk eye mask. It feels lightweight and cleverly spans the whole way across your face for a complete blackout from the bright lights of the cabin. I am totally over waking up with grooves left on my face from the elastic band on my eye mask. Being in a dehydrating environment, your skin takes longer to rid itself of these lines meaning you’ll be arriving in your destination all creased – no thank you! 1 – 0 to Aria kit!



The chic rose gold headphones come with an extension jack to fit the aircraft earphone plugin point in your seat. For their miniature size, they’re incredible quality, noise cancelling bits of kit. Goodbye rubbish onboard headphones! I’m guilty to the fact I actually use them day to day with my iPod too.



The handmade products in the kit – cream, toothpaste and lip balm are all beautifully scented and feel amazing. The rich yet light weight, citrusy face cream is extremely moisturising and feels great on my skin. Being a lip balm addict this is probably one of the most important things in the kit for me. I apply it constantly on board to keep my lips from getting dry. The toothbrush and toothpaste combo is another a great addition. The Nelson Naturals toothpaste is heavily based with sodium bicarbonate and laced with spearmint oil – it can’t get more natural than that!



The most important part for Erin was that the products her customers would be using had been ethically sourced and the greatest quality she could find. After months of searching, and tons of sampling the Aria kit was fully assembled with Erin’s top picks.

The Nelson Naturals connection, for example, is the epitome of what she was trying to achieve with the above. Their little company is located in the town where her parents grew up, however she had never heard of their toothpaste until she started building the Aria kit. Kevin from Nelson Naturals is also the person who convinced her to co-label the Aria products with the suppliers, so that if you fall in love with them, you know where to get full-size products to use at home.



An additional bonus in the kit is the pen. Maybe only fully appreciated by flight attendants the world over who get asked about a million times by passengers if they can borrow your pen. Just another example of how well thought out this kit is.


I didn’t know Erin before I became aware of Aria Kit but I can’t tell you how proud I am of her. Creating this kit all by herself took a lot of time, effort and courage and she has without a doubt excelled in creating the best travel kit on the market.



If you run out of anything in the kit there are options to purchase refillable products on the website so you’ll never be caught short on board.

The kit retails at $79. Use my code: LAYOVERLIFE20 at the checkout to get 20% off your entire order. Click here to order yours today!


  1. Luana Mae
    24th April 2019 / 8:16 am

    hi! i tried using your discount code but Aria did not accept it?

  2. Mindy S McNutt
    27th July 2019 / 3:30 am

    I also tried to used it and it didn’t work.

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