Koh Samui is the luxurious go to Thai island for those looking to escape the metropolis mania of Bangkok. For those looking in the right place that is…

A quick google of Samui hotels serves up a heady mix of rooftop jacuzzis, private terraces, and floor to ceiling panoramic views in executive luxury suites. The Charming Fox jumps out of the screen for one very simple reason : it’s staggeringly good price for such high end luxury.

The Charming Fox is a very unique hotel. I doubt if it is possible to find a more sumptuous room for under £70 a night in Koh Samui. They are able to deliver this bargain price by focusing only on the things that matter. Whilst there is no room service, concierge or 24 hour bar snack menu to graze from, there is a breath taking view, uber lux bedroom linen and a smart tv capable of streaming your own Netflix account – more of that later. Its a no to in-house excursion desks and no to organised pool activities but a resounding yes yes yes to rainforest showers and private roof top Jacuzzis. 

When these traditional offerings and services are removed from the hotel (and removed from the cost) you begin to question whether they are really needed in the first place. Overheads remain low by operating in a fashion that cuts out lengthly, unwanted full board services by the majority of traditional hotels. Charming Fox’s mantra is “Less but better”, and this is evident in everything they do, delivering a raw but royal minimalist experience.

Breakfast is the only meal served at the hotel and runs until 1pm so there’s no sweat on missing a glorious king size lie in taking in the jungle vista below, or watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix – its your call. When you do leave the comfort of the room, and walk through the tropical garden walkways to the main lobby, breakfast is served overlooking the infinity pool and the rugged Thai landscape beyond. No hotel buffet or omelette station in sight. 

As an eco hotel, doing everything they can to protect the environment on the island, they ensure plastics are removed with refillable glass drinking bottles and glass shower shampoo bottles refilled on a daily basis. Even the gym uses natural materials where possible. The environmental measures of this hotel add to the sense of luxury, not detect from it. 

You can snuggle into 700 thread count sheets as you gaze out of your floor to ceiling glass window sipping coffee (or loose leaf tea) provided by the famous Bangkok brewers, Roots. Charming Fox provide a mini cafetière and a full jar of fresh ground coffee every day. To me, this is a luxury, especially when you’re sipping it wearing your Charming Fox linen robe taking in that view (yes thats me mentioning that view again!)

There’s not many hotels that I have waited to stay in for so long and excitement levels were sky high by check in. Its testament to the hotel that excitement levels remain just as high for my next return visit. 

What reels you in is the view and what seals the deal is the price. High end luxury that’s available to everyone. Less but better. 

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  1. s daly
    3rd October 2019 / 2:04 pm

    hi nice review
    am thinking of this place
    few things if you could tell me it far from shops / restaurants / bars ………walk able?
    2.also does pool face the evening sunset or is it behind you ?

    kind regards

    • Jess
      4th October 2019 / 2:17 pm

      thanks very much!
      We walked to the restaurants shops one day it was about a 30 min walk but was interesting as it felt like walking off the beaten track. Alternatively you can get taxis easily and the hotel will book them for you.

      You get sunrise out of the glass bedroom windows and pool area. Not sunset.

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