If 2020 was a quote it would be “staying in is the new going out” or perhaps a “total write off” is more accurate, either way this post looks to make the most of our corona captivity.

Holidays cancelled, social calendar wiped out and confining yourself to a life indoors for an undetermined period of time closes many many doors for 2020, but also opens a few other unique ones too. I’ve put together a list of substitutions for things that have been cancelled. Even if you didn’t have a holiday booked to Las Vegas doesn’t mean you can’t create your own Casino in your living room!  

1. Mix Up Your Commute

Take your commute time and turn it into something amazing. Start your day with a pot coffee and catch up on some reading. Go for a run (as long it meets the current government guidelines). Do a module of an online course you’ve been wanting to start for ages but never had the time. Do this for 30-45 minutes or whatever your commute time would’ve been. This is free time being given back to you so make the most of it. It will start up your day in a positive way.

2. Recreate a Holiday

Recreate something from a holiday that’s been cancelled – Hawaii? Make poké bowls, make a Mai Tai and wear garlands. Mexico? Smokey fajitas and shoot some mescal. Get a YouTube tutorial up on Salsa dancing and turn your living room into a dance floor. 

3. Watch a Location Based Film

Supposed to be going somewhere? Watch a film from that destination instead. Italy? A firm favourite of mine is the Talented Mr. Ripley. Paris? Midnight in Paris of course. Spain? Volver, Vicky Christina Barcelona or anything else with Penelope Cruz in gets my vote. Or just live in the moment and watch Contagion.

4. House Party

Social plans all cancelled? Hang out with your friends on House Party. If you haven’t heard of House Party by now where have you been? Everyone who is preparing for lockdown knows about this app, is on it and is playing games with their friends whilst their bosses all think they’re working. Schedule a pub quiz with friends, agree a time in advance and get the wine opened. Missing out on your friends birthday brunch? Do a boozy brunch one weekend. We’ve even got a karaoke party scheduled for a friend’s birthday we’re all missing in April. It’ll feel way more like a proper social activity if everyone is committed and looking forward to it. I don’t know about you but my digital social calendar is way busier than any normal social life I had before lockdown life. 

5. Make A Viral Video

Give back to the internet. The Italians have proved they certainly have a sense of humour during their 2 week (and counting) lockdown period. Thousands of videos have surfaced on TikTok with households poking fun at their isolated situations. If you find yourself quarantined as well, put your sense of humour online and share it with the world who are all sat on their couches waiting for the next viral video. 

6. Occasion Dinner

Make dinner an occasion. Cook a really special meal, get dressed up, put on cologne, put on makeup and have dinner at home. It’ll be way cheaper than going out for a fancy meal anyway.

7. Learn A New Recipe

Now you have a bit more time why not learn a new recipe? Plan your meals well enough in advance and order the groceries online. Make something more special than the average week night meals. It’ll be more satisfying and you’ll have learned to create a new dish. Win win! 

8. Zone Your Home

Zone your house / apartment for different activities. Date night out is cancelled but an area of your patio can turn into a cute bar for weekend drinks. Your dining room is the hottest new restaurant in town and you’re top of the guest list. The bedroom becomes the spa for an hour every Saturday between 5 – 6pm. The options are limitless (or limited to however to how far you can stretch the imagination).

9. Spruce Up Your Garden

Bring costa del sol to your back garden. Now is a better time than ever to pay attention to your garden – it will be getting some serious airtime this summer. Both B&Q and Wickes are doing online delivery for supplies, paint and decking. Primrose will deliver pretty much any plant. West Elm have some gorgeous garden furniture to sit back in style this summer so divert your summer holiday budget to home upgrades. By not having the luxury of hiring someone you’ll also learn a new skill gardening and save a lot of money in the meantime. 

10. Christmas Came Early!

If all else fails lets just accept 2020 has been cancelled and celebrate christmas now. Next time you’re having a Sunday roast, do a Turkey with all the trimmings and put on some Christmas music. Even pop a bottle of bubbly. Then settle down for a marathon afternoon of Christmas films. If Christmas can’t put you in a better mood in this situation then you’re well and truly screwed. 

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