As I put together my Christmas gift guides this year (which are always items that I either have, want or am buying for others this Christmas) I noticed a number of wellness / health products creeping onto the list. Maybe it’s the slowing down of 2020 or maybe it’s just me growing up and taking more of an interest in my general wellbeing but I thought this theme deserved its very own gift guide. From salt lamps to pilates subscriptions this guide has it all for your loved ones looking for a little bit of wellness and balance to their 2021.

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  1. Kloris CBD Bath Fizz Multipack £45 Spoil yourself or your mate with these CBD infused bath salt blocks. CBD seems to be THE ingredient of 2020 and whilst I’ve not always noticed the effects of it, having a bath with one of these blocks was the exception. I was zinging, I was floating and I felt FABULOUS after. I’ve even ordered one for each of my tub loving friends this year. The 4 set is a great value set containing of one of each of our four luxurious CBD bath blocks. (essentially it’s one block free)
  2. Papier Wellness Journal £23.99 (currently 30% off for Black Friday) There are 12-weeks of pages inside this daily wellness journal. A time for reflecting on your self-care habits, meals, water intake, hours of sleep and more. 
  3. Lumie Light £79.20 (20% off at John Lewis) The Lumie is a Class 1 graded medical light device that will introduce you to the benefits of sleeping and waking with light, so that you can experience a more regular sleep and wake pattern. Perfect for the dark winter months. 
  4. Guerlain Abeille Hygiene Gel £18.00 A touch of luxury and a whole dose of necessity. No one thought there’d be hand sanitiser on a gift list a year ago but nothing surprises us now in 2020. At least make it luxurious and gorgeous smelling. The Abeille range from Guerlain is beautifully and sustainability sourced honey in all their products. It’s also ultra moisturising unlike other hygiene gels. 
  5. Katie Gray Pilates Subscription £60 Work out the 2020 way – at home. Tone, sculpt and condition your body with the Kind by KG online Zoom pilates classes. Different bundles are available on site.These low impact workouts have incredible results all from the comfort of your own home. (Use BLACKFRIDAY20 for 25% off the 10 and 5 class packs. )
  6. Morpheé Non-Digital Sleeping Aid  £79 A non-digital, meditation device to help you fall asleep quickly with 7 different themed relaxation techniques, 8 different sessions, 2 time lengths and male or female speakers. This device can be completely customised to suit you. 
  7. Sulky Studio Silk Eye Mask £32 High grade pure silk eye mask designed to protect eyes, brows and lashes. Ultra soft, Ultra chic. (“SILK 20” for 20% off for Black Friday)
  8. Pure Skin Lab Salt Lamp £34 This eco salt lamp purifies the air by absorbing water and particles and taking positive ions with them. The heated salt then releases cleansed water vapour back in the air purifying your room. Also beautiful warm mood lighting! Use “BLACK20” for Black Friday 20% off deal.
  9. Jade Roller £26.00 A must have in your skincare routine, the jade roller improves blood flow and improves facial elasticity. It also revives facial muscles and prevents fluid retention. This gorgeous luxurious green jade roller is perfect in its miniature form but still does maximum work. 
  10. Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson £9.49 – 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success. This book is a game changer. The first ever “self help” book I read. It helped a lot with being cabin crew and being constantly jet lagged but it’s also perfect for anyone just wanting to understand sleep cycles and why it’s so important to get a good nights sleep. 


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