Rejoicing in that glorious weather last weekend me and my sisters decided to go for a few drinks in the summer sunshine. It seems the heat has returned this weekend, so grab your best gals and head to my favourite West London bar.

The Distillery was the perfect spot to cool off with a few refreshing cocktails after wandering through Notting Hill.

The Distillery, a self proclaimed four floor mecca for the discerning drinker, is my absolute favourite place to enjoy the most quintessentially British drink of all, a gin & tonic. Mainly because it’s an entire building dedicated to, in my humble opinion, the best tipple in the world. They’re also the best g&t’s I’ve ever tried, so as a serious gin lover this place ranks high up on my list of London bars.

Each floor is themed starting with two bars residing on the ground and 1st floor.

If I were you I’d head straight to GinTonica on the first floor. It’s a firm favourite of ours. True to the Spanish way, they serve their g&ts in glass goblets. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but they actually taste better than they look!

We sampled a few drinks off their Gin & Tonic Plus menu where you can put your trust in the mixologists creative flare to concoct delicious cocktails made from an array of very interesting ingredients.

First up we indulged in a round of the Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin with hibiscus liqueur and grapefruit bitters.

Followed by the addition of the Portobello Road Gin 171 with grapefruit extracts and Nordic mist blue tonic. I mean you can’t visit The Distillery on Portobello Road and not order a Portobello Road Gin right?

If you’re feeling a little peckish you must sample their incredible tapas menu. Pics never happened because we devoured the lot before I even had time to get my camera back out.

All upper floors are off bounds to those who aren’t guests at their hotel – yes, a gin hotel. I hear my next staycation calling!

True to its name this place actually distills gin as well. You can also spend the afternoon making up your own bespoke gin recipe at The Ginstitute. Once you’ve become an expert in the art of gin distilling you get to take home the brewed concoction and also keep your recipe on file for future orders. Something I’ve not tried but it’s definitely next on my list.


Jess x

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