In this time of crisis when we don’t know how often we’ll be able to leave our houses for fresh food I thought it would be helpful to put a list together of hacks on how to preserve your food for as possible. I hope you have a freezer because 50% of these hacks involve storing fresh foods away for a rainy day. 🙂  Even after the virus passes these hacks are great to apply to every day life to minimise our global problem with food waste too.

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1. Buy your herbs as plants and pot them as soon as you get home. They’ll last for ages and the bonus is no soggy herbs in the fridge. Many herbs can be frozen too. You can also grate garlic and ginger and freeze for later too! 

2. Chop and freeze fruit. Perfect for smoothies. You can even freeze avocados! Peel them out of their skins and halve them and put into a ziplock bag. Defrost a segment the night before for your morning avo toast. (don’t forget to defrost the bread as well) 

3. Buy UHT milk / plant milk that can be stored in the cupboards before opening. Oatly barista version (grey carton) is actually my favourite range from Oatly and it comes in long life form yay! 

4. Buy lime / lemon juice in bottles as opposed to fresh. It doesn’t have the exact same taste as fresh lemon juice but it’s almost as good. The best one out there is this Biona one. 

5. Chillies can be frozen whole. You can also make up fresh curry pastes, salsa verde, chimmichurri and plenty other sauces with herbs and chillies and freeze in zip lock bags. 

6. Buy bags of frozen veg or chop and freeze your own. A few supermarket faves are the Waitrose roasted mixed frozen veg and the frozen cubed butternut squash. You can also do both of these by buying the veg fresh, chopping and putting into freezer bags / tubs. (Btw if freezer bags don’t have raw meat in them then they can always be reused) 

7. Freeze your eggs! Yes my friends you heard that correctly. Just crack them into a silicone muffin tin and place in the freezer, take out and thaw the night before you’d like to use them. This is real panic mode at this stage. 

8. Pop an apple in with your potato bag in the fridge. It will help stop the potatoes sprouting. 

9. Line the base of your vegetable drawer with paper towers. They will absorb the excess moisture off the veggies and preserve them for a little longer. 

10. You can pretty much freeze most cheese and cake. Also a lot of cheese that is vacuum sealed takes months to go off. I currently have unopened feta and halloumi in my fridge that has a shelf life 8 months from now. And that my friends is what matters the most!

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