Taking on a home refurb project is no mean feat. It’ll be a number of stressful months watching walls crumble around you but out of the ashes will rise your dream home. It’s always worth it in the end but its a difficult message to digest when it feels like never ending, noisy chaos day in day out. Here a few things to note to prepare you for your home renovation.

You will make mistakes.

Accept it as quickly as possible and find a solution to the error that doesn’t cost the earth.

No one else will notice the things that annoy you

Or care for that matter. I promise you nobody will notice if the “off white” paint isn’t as off white as you wanted it to be. Nor will they notice the slightly inconvenient placement of a radiator.

You will most likely end up living from one room

And it’s going to be a major squeeze as it’ll probably have the contents of your whole house squeezed into one room where you sleep, eat and work.

You will miss your old kitchen more than you could ever know 

That broken dishwasher, barely hot oven and fridge that always dripped water is better than no kitchen.

It will feel like a full time job in a new career managing a reno project.

It feels like there’s a lot to learn, but it’s all manageable. Always ask for advice from your builders or friends who have already don’t renovations.

Your hair and skin will be SO dry from all the dust.

Keep on top of that good skincare routine and enjoy a hair mask now and again.

Your microwave will be your best friend

And you’ll quickly realise any meal can be microwaved.

You will be uncomfortable and feel disjointed in your own home

Cold showers a plenty when the hot water inevitably gets switched off, having to constantly move your stuff around so the builders can work in new areas, eating your dinner on your lap because the kitchen table has been disassembled, practically next to no privacy and sometimes your only water source being the outside hose.

You will cry a lot!

and my god it feels so good!

It will feel never-ending

But it’ll be so SO worth it in the end, just a few more weeks, months or years. Let’s hope weeks! Trust the process.

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