Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is a small village town located on the south western coast of Gran Canaria. It once was a banana plantation until 1982 when people realised this microclimate town was highly appealing to tourists. This picturesque town’s centre has plenty of authentic architecture as well as the more recently formed harbour built by the Italians in the 80s – this explains why there is such a heavy Italian influence in the area. This calm and quiet town gets very busy with day-trippers however it’s also a very relaxing and calming part of the island. Read on for five reasons why you must visit Puerto de Mogán. 

Picture Perfect Corners 

Puerto de Mogán looks like a postcard with its white buildings cascading with purple and orange bougainvillea, the harbour filled with boats, the dramatic backdrop of red rock cliffs, uninterrupted blue skies for miles. The view of Puerto de Mogán itself is breathtaking but it’s also very much a part of a larger picture; it’s nestled in between big cities like Las Palmas and smaller towns like Agüimes. There’s lots to see on every part of the island and Mogán should definitely be on your list. 

Endless Sunny Days 

You won’t find better weather in Gran Canaria. The rest of the island can be enduring clouds, rain and storms yet Puerto de Mogán is nestled in a cove with a rocky mountainous backdrop which protects it from any looming weather. Mogán experiences blue skies and sunshine for most of the year. This really is the place to go for guaranteed sunshine. 

Local Authentic Restaurants

Whilst all the Harbourside restaurants here are pretty great, don’t be lured in too quickly because the real deal restaurants lie in the original Puerto de Mogán a few streets back from the harbour side. Try Jamonal for an ultimate deli to dinner experience. This deli / restaurant combo serves local meats, cheese and fish all served perfectly seasoned. Select your wine from the hundreds of bottles that line the deli shelves. Make sure to try the local volcanic rock salt for a real taste sensation like no other! 


The main beach cove is family friendly with calm waters to swim safely and plenty of sun loungers that are free to use. If you fancy a quieter spot the cobbled cove to the left of the main beach has more rugged waters but with a stunning cliff backdrop, clear waters and empty of any other people it is the perfect place to pitch up for the day. The little stone jetty also makes for a delightful sun-lounging spot if you don’t fancy resting on the cobbled beach. 

Great Transport Links 

The airport is located around a 30 minute drive from Puerto de Mogán, so if you’re flying into Gran Canaria it’s fairly easy to get there and isn’t at all hard to find. The road is modern and a direct drive to the beach town. There are also plenty of bus links to help connect you between Mogán and major towns on Gran Canaria including Las Palmas, which is about a 40-minute journey. This makes getting around very easy once you arrive.

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