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  1. Apple AirPods 3rd Generation £139.99 A staple for everyone. It’ll also stop him stealing mine! You can search around for other brands but nothing really compares to the Apple AirPods. Currently on offer in John Lewis and Amazon.
  2. Waterproof Kindle £75 Pack lighter and travel further. The 32gb, waterproof backlit kindle. With night mode to read in the dark, the latest Kindle makes it easy to take reading on the go and with extra storage plenty books can be saved and the bluetooth and Audible compatible to listen to audio books through it. 
  3. Philips Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush £89.99 An upgrade on his toothbrush. Practical and an investment in his health. The Philips Diamond clean is the best toothbrush i’ve ever used so it’s the only one I’d buy for others. 
  4. Fruit of The Loom Jumper £13 Deep Navy – classic and timeless jogger set for a very reasonable price. The quality of Fruit of the Loom is better than any fast fashion brand on the high street, this is the ultimate lockdown tracksuit wear. 
  5. Fruit of The Loom Joggers £9.61
  6. Fitbit Inspire 2  £85 Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. The original heart rate monitor and fitness watch is affordable and high performing. Also works out your quality of sleep, tracks fat burn and cardio rates.
  7. Joiry Massage Gun £72 Revolutionising sport recovery these massage guns have exploded onto the market. A powerful muscle massager providing deep tissue relief, decreasing pain and providing overall recovery. The Joiry sits comfortably at the lower end of the price point for these gadgets.
  8. Sezane Flannel Shirt £100 Unmatched quality and chicness, Sezane the French knitwear brand have branched out in men’s clothing and the line is simple, stylish and well made. The flannel shirts ooze quality but still remain casual. 
  9. Table Tennis Topper £23 Fun, cheap and perfect for indoor or outdoor gatherings. 
  10. Weighted Running Vest  £46.99 For a little endurance in their workout this weighted vest has removable weights to build up resistance from 5kg to 14.5kg. 
  11. Adida Ultra Boosts £112 Almost £50 off these beauties on the Adidas website for their black friday sale. 
  12. Abercrombie & Fitch Boxers £39 If it aint broke. These are the most flattering fit boxer briefs I’ve ever seen. This pack of 12 is a huge saving on buying them individually.
  13. Atelier Cologne – Musc Impérial £81.34 The perfect scent. It’s a bit like Creed Aventus but more subtle. It smells unique on every different person. It goes on heavy but as it dries it turns to a lighter more cedar type scent. It’s the type of scent your nostrils try to hold on to or longer, you find yourself wanting to follow it as it breezes past you. Currently 17% off at John Lewis.
  14. All Saints 3 T-shirt Pack  £62 The most classic and flattering simple t-shirts. If only the women’s ones were this good too. My husband lives in rotation of these in different colours. Completely timeless, gorgeous fit. In the trio pack and with 30% off this makes these 3 t-shirts pretty much half price. 
  15. Elemis Superfood Night Cream £46 Currently 30% off all Elemis products with code “CYBERLOVE”. This night cream is gentle, nourishing and clean. The perfect night cream. 
  16. Leaders Eat Last £7.69 A book for great leaders creating a working environment in which people naturally work together to do remarkable things. Remotely or not. 
  17. Benriach Single Malt Whisky £37.95  The Benriach distills multiple styles of whisky before maturing it in casks sourced from all over the world, which gives it so many distinctive flavours to experiment with. It’s sublimely smooth and the perfect gift.
  18. Scrabble £24.99 A classic board game. One we all grew up playing and one my husband ALWAYS suggests we play these days, for us to realise we don’t actually own the game ourselves. Time to add it to our own family games collection. 
  19. Cashmere Sleep Eyemask £24 Ultimate luxury, ultimate essential in our house for light sleepers. 
  20. Kloris CBD Bath Melts £19 Ultra relaxing bath time with these CBD infused bath melts. Rub over the skin and then sit back in the bath and melt into absolute bliss. 

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