The Christmas Gift Guide For Him. I always find this the hardest gift guide to put together. Always fearing it’s intentionally masculine and I kinda hate that so I go out of my way to make it a balanced list and then it becomes nothing I actually intend of gifting any of the men in my life. This year however it was much easier. Having spent every single day with my husband in 2020 (the greatest gift he was given tbh) I got to know exactly what he wants and needs without him even having to tell me. Basically I’ve spied on him this whole lockdown, and that sure did make putting together this list fairly easy.

Some items in this list contain affiliate links. This doesn’t affect the price of the product.

  1. Apple AirPods £124.99 A staple for everyone. It’ll also stop him stealing mine! You can search around for other brands but nothing really compares to the Apple AirPods. Currently on offer in John Lewis and Amazon.
  2. Soda Stream £59.99 The Soda Stream Genesis is currently £40 off for Black Friday weekend. This slim, stylish and modern instant sparkling water maker is a brilliant gift for your gadget loving friend or family member. Looks chic in the kitchen and is way better for the environment than store bought sparkling water. 
  3. Philips Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush £89.99 An upgrade on his toothbrush. Practical and an investment in his health. The Philips Diamond clean is the best toothbrush i’ve ever used so it’s the only one I’d buy for others. 
  4. Fruit of The Loom Joggers £9.61
  5. Fruit of The Loom Jumper £13 Deep Navy – classic and timeless jogger set for a very reasonable price. The quality of Fruit of the Loom is better than any fast fashion brand on the high street, this is the ultimate lockdown tracksuit wear. 
  6. Fitbit Inspire 2  £85 Fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. The original heart rate monitor and fitness watch is affordable and high performing. Also works out your quality of sleep, tracks fat burn and cardio rates.
  7. SKEY Massage Gun £55.99 Revolutionising sport recovery these massage guns have exploded onto the market. A powerful muscle massager providing deep tissue relief, decreasing pain and providing overall recovery. These are a huge trend right now. Unwilling to invest £££ into something I’ve never heard any real life person try I didn’t want to blow all the budget on this gadget, but also hugely excited to try it out. This SKEY brand gets almost 800 5* reviews and sits comfortably at the lower end of the price point for these gadgets.
  8. Benriach Single Malt Whisky £37.95  The Benriach distills multiple styles of whisky before maturing it in casks sourced from all over the world, which gives it so many distinctive flavours to experiment with. It’s sublimely smooth and the perfect gift.
  9. Touch Screen Gloves £24 (BF offer) Practical on all levels.
  10. West Elm Whisky Glasses £20 Sleek and subtle. These whiskey glasses are the perfect gift. Very reasonably priced at £15 in their holiday promo event.      
  11. Adida Ultra Boosts £112 Almost £50 off these beauties on the Adidas website for their black friday sale. 
  12. Abercrombie & Fitch Boxers £32 If it aint broke. These are the most flattering fit boxer briefs I’ve ever seen. I’ll never purchase anything different for him now. 
  13. Atelier Cologne – Musc Impérial £81.34 The perfect scent. It’s a bit like Creed Aventus but more subtle. It smells unique on every different person. It goes on heavy but as it dries it turns to a lighter more cedar type scent. It’s the type of scent your nostrils try to hold on to or longer, you find yourself wanting to follow it as it breezes past you. Currently 17% off at John Lewis.
  14. All Saints 3 T-shirt Pack  £57.40 The most classic and flattering simple t-shirts. If only the women’s ones were this good too. My husband lives in rotation of these in different colours. Completely timeless, gorgeous fit. In the trio pack and with 30% off this makes these 3 t-shirts pretty much half price. 
  15. Elemis Superfood Night Cream £46 Currently 35% off all Elemis products with code “SPECTACULAR”. This night cream is gentle, nourishing and clean. The perfect night cream. 
  16. Leaders Eat Last £7.69 A book for great leaders creating a working environment in which people naturally work together to do remarkable things. Remotely or not. 
  17. Levis Sherpa Trucker Jacket £84 (currently 30% off at UO) A jacket that can be worn over any casual clothing, but also looks great with chinos and boots. The most versatile coat my husband owns. 
  18. Scrabble £24.99 A classic board game. One we all grew up playing and one my husband ALWAYS suggests we play these days, for us to realise we don’t actually own the game ourselves. Time to add it to our own family games collection. 
  19. Larsson Jennings Watch £125 Reduced to £125 this timeless classic gold rim and brown leather strap watch with a simple face goes with any outfit smart or casual. 
  20. Molton Brown Pink Pepper Shower Gel £18 A shower gel that is rich and peppery that feels masculine. It leaves the most beautiful smelling scent on your skin. This was the shower gel in our hotel in Mallorca when we got engaged and it always reminds me of a happy joyful time in our lives. I buy this every year for my husband as a little reminder of that wonderful trip he planned. Molton Brown have so many scent options you could start your own tradition and have a scent that reminds the two of you of wonderful times. 


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