Fresh Beauty is one of those brands whose products work as well as they promise and smell as good as they look. It is one of my all time favourite skincare brands and whilst it is an absolute treat buying their products, they feel amazing on the skin and if there’s something I’ve learned in the past two years it’s that a good skincare routine is non-negotiable and that we all deserve a good treat at home. So if you’re wanting to create the ultimate skincare routine for yourself or gift someone you love some beautiful skincare products, I’ve listed below my top 10 all time favourite products from this beautiful brand. They’re currently doing 30% off everything on site and including a free soy cleanser worth £44 in every order over £75. Enjoy!

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  1. Rose Hydrating Night Mask £33.00 My all time favourite night mask. This Rose mask is gentle on the skin but ultra hydrating. It’s a two step gel for locking in moisture and cream to nourish whilst you sleep.
  2. Kombucha Antioxidant Treatment £44.80 This liquid treatment provides protection from indoor and outdoor pollution, plus digital light, while increasing smoothness, luminosity, and suppleness. It also minimises the look of pores and fine lines, hydrates, and preps for next steps. The star is kombucha, fermented black tea rich in antioxidants.
  3. Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask £56.70 Another favourite overnight mask from Fresh Beauty – they really do excel in this department. If I am feeling super lazy I just put this on my face and nothing else and I wake up plump skin and GLOWING! It reduces signs of tiredness and helps keep elasticity. Its so velvety and smells as good as all their other products. You couldn’t give this brand any other name than FRESH! 
  4. Brown Sugar Body Scrub  £24.50 This smells and feels exactly like you’d expect it to. It’s almost good enough to eat. Brown sugar scrub with a hint of zingy lemon freshness so it’s not overly sweet. Your skin will be SO smooth after scrubbing with this. I lather it all over my body and then soak in the bath – it feels and smells divine. 
  5. Brown Sugar Bath and Shower Gel  £14.70 Inkeeping with the Brown Sugar scent for the bath, this bath gel complements the brown sugar body scrub to perfection. Once again it has that subtle citrus scent in it that balances out the sweetness of the brown sugar aromas. Nourishing and softening to the skin. 
  6. Sugar Lip Therapy  £15.05 By now you’ve probably gathered I am OBSESSED with Fresh Beauty’s Sugar range. This lip therapy goes on every single night before bed. It’s perfect to wear in the winter to prevent chapped lips as it restores and conditions whilst you sleep, it tastes delicious and it’s really nourishing without feeling too thick. 
  7. Vitamin Nectar Serum £18.20 A serum with vitamin C in it takes one step out of the morning routine. The fruit extracts and minerals leave the skin energised and smooth with 24-hour hydration and antioxidant protection. I love how you can buy this in a trio set with one pipette meaning less wastage and all glass bottles can be recycled. 
  8. Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Mask £39.90 Another favourite from the Vitamin Nectar range is the vibrancy boosting mask. It’s jam packed with fruit and is a natural acid exfoliant. I like to leave the mask on (whilst soaking in the tub of course) and let the fruit work its magic. It’s soothing for a chemical style peel and also leaves your skin looking vibrant! 
  9. Vitamin Nectar Face Mist £14.70 The final fave from the Vitamin Nectar mist is their facial spritz. I take the travel size with me on all flights and give myself a moisture boost throughout the flight. Smells citrusy and sweet, doesn’t leave any residue on the face so it can be applied over other skincare or makeup. 
  10. Trio Mask Set £47.00 Worth £77 this trio mask set combines three of my favourite Fresh Beauty products. A perfect gift for someone just beginning to try this brand out. Be sure to check out all their gift sets here. They do some of the BEST beauty skincare gift sets on the market and are always generously reduced as a bundle. Like I mentioned above it is one of the nicest brands to gift as their jars are apothecary style making them feel luxurious, the products all smell unique and delicious and the skincare is such good quality products.  

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