Constance Moofushi was the second out of three in the series of our honeymoon hotels – yes we have no chill and had to see as many different resorts as we could in 8 nights. The eco friendly, all inclusive resort was so different from the first hotel we stayed in, and truly unique in what it has to offer. If you want a more general account of our honeymoon check out my latest Maldives post here

*We booked our honeymoon through Turquoise Holidays and received a small press discount for our stay.

This resort is perfect for guests who want to experience the pristine beaches of the Maldives, the luxury of an all-inclusive but want to know their money being spent at the resort is also giving back to the preservation of a region that is suffering from the actions of the modern world. 

As we stepped off the seaplane and onto a floating jetty in the middle of the ocean, the No Shoes, No News sign was the first thing that caught my eye. Constance Moofushi is keen to encourage their guests to really immerse themselves in island life and leave behind all the worries of the world at the jetty. They even have created “island time” which means optimum daylight hours and actually runs on a unique timezone 1 hour ahead of the normal Maldivian time +5hr. The vibe immediately felt more rustic and relaxed here. A very laid back way of life on the island which is unavoidable to slip into. 


The rooms at Moofushi are either water villas or beach villas. We opted for the water villa this time, as we’d booked a beach villa at Velassaru for the three nights previous. Our first time in a hotel room positioned on stilts in the ocean certainly didn’t disappoint. Three days in and the novelty of swimming in the ocean and climbing the short few steps up to your room still hadn’t worn off. There is a real eco conscious design to the rooms. The majority made up of natural materials – drift wood door handles, stone boulder towel hooks, pebble mosaic tables. 


The resort is an all inclusive yet it doesn’t give off the same over the top vibes as usual fully complimentary resorts. It’s low key in its offerings yet the quality is exceptional. We dined on fresh grilled tuna steaks for lunch (medium rare for me), fine wine at any hour, premium spirits in our piña coladas and fresh seafood for dinner. First and foremost the guests are here to snorkel and enjoy the stunning house reefs, the full complimentary food and drink is a luxurious convenience after building up an appetite from a day in the ocean. 


This was hands down the most stunning range of reefs we have ever seen. There are three snorkel spots directly off the shore of the resort (all incredible with an abundance of marine life – sharks, eagle rays, SO MANY fish) and also a few ocean reefs a short boat ride away if you want to catch a glimpse of turtles, black coral and mesmerising reefs edges that fade into the dark blue ocean. Our water villa was positioned right by the house reef and every day we saw plenty of sea life swim by every day. 


The spa setting here is beyond idyllic. Each treatment room is set on stilts in the ocean, with wooden shutter doors opening out to let that sea breeze in. Glass tiles line the floor below the massage tables so you can actually watch the sea life as you get a treatment. Would definitely recommend the Balinese massage – one of the best massages we’ve both ever had we ended up booking it two days in a row. 


It’s obvious that staff enjoy working here. Their enthusiasm for everything is reflected in the service. We got chatting to chef Pavan about local Maldivian curries, we both raved how much we loved the local cuisine that wasn’t available at the buffet. The following evening he made us the tastiest Maldivian fresh tuna curry we had both ever eaten. This is just one of many examples of how very accommodating the staff are here.


What Moofushi is doing to preserve the wildlife in our oceans and become a more sustainable resort every day is applaudable. The resort has no single use plastic, uses 100% biodegradable straws, natural raw materials throughout in their conscious interior design, and there are no engine based water sports – no gas, fuel, noise pollution. All the drinking water at the resort is desalinated ocean water, and the minimal light pollution is due to most lights being turned off in evening. This also makes for epic stargazing. 

They have a wonderfully helpful and informative dive shop and resident marine biologists. Each evening presentations are held which cover topics from coral to sea life.

We attended the coral presentation and it was fascinating to learn how much Moofushi is doing to encourage the regrowth of coral in the area. Their house reef is filled with coral frames and it is clear to see the positive effect it has had on the reef in only a few short years. 

It was also scary to hear how much damage is being caused to coral because of the demand of modern lifestyles. This resort is absolutely for guests who want to experience the pristine beaches of the Maldives, the luxury of an all-inclusive but want to know their money being spent at the resort is also contributing back to the preservation of a region that is suffering from the actions of the modern world. 

We booked our honeymoon through Turquoise Holidays (press discount).

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