Greek food is one of the main reasons to visit this beautiful country. The local food is fresh, tasty and downright good for the soul. Make sure you try out the foods on this list if you find yourself visiting mainland Greece and its surrounding islands. 

1. Spanakopita

The spinach and feta pies are warm flaky pastry encasing, melt in your mouth gastronomic delights. You can buy from any bakery in Greece. Don’t miss out sampling these when travelling in Greece.

2. Greek salad

Classic greek salad is a no fuss dish with minimal ingredients. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and capers layered with a slab of feta. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano. It would be sinful to visit Greece and not order this. 

3. Souvlaki

Tender grilled meat cooked on skewers (usually chicken) and served in a warm pita with tazatiki, tomato and onion. Fresh, fast and delicious. 

4. Gyro

Very similar to Souvlaki – a warm pita with salads and yoghurt, however the meat comes from the vertical rotating skewer and is lamb or beef.

5. Saganaki

Greek fried cheese. GREEK.FRIED.CHEESE! (drool) a chewy, stringy and melty  sheep’s milk cheese deep fried. It’s ever so slightly salty and ridiculously satisfying. In my opinion it should be ordered at every meal in Greece. 

6. Moussaka 

Moussaka is an eggplant or potato-based dish with mince meat in a tomato sauce. Lentils are used in the vegetarian option and is just as satisfying. Fairly similar to lasagne, however it’s aubergine slices instead of pasta. 

7. Tzatziki

Heaven in a bowl. What makes tazatiki more delicious in Greece than any other place in the world is the quality of the yoghurt. Mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Restaurants tend to do variations of it and can sometimes add in lemon juice, capers, dill, mint or parsley.

8. Greek yoghurt

With honey or plain. Don’t underestimate how luxurious the yoghurt is in Greece. It just isn’t the same anywhere else. 

9. Fava

This creamy and delicious yellow split pea dip is hands down divine. Drizzled with olive oil and served with parsley and onions. It’s salty, creamy and rich all at the same time. Perfectly paired with warm bread and a glass of red wine. 

10. Loukoumades

These deep fried Greek version of a mini doughnut balls are sweet and delicious. Fried until gold and drenched with sugary sticky local honey. Often topped with cinnamon, walnuts or sesame. Sickly sweet but you’ll still struggle to eat only one. Enjoy as a late morning snack with coffee or a post dinner sweet treat. Also try out Tulumba for a similar sweet mini doughnut like snack drenched in syrup. 

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